Copywriting & Content Marketing

I currently work full-time managing two private label brands at, but if there’s one common thread in my life, it’s my love for writing. In addition to my children’s book and blog, I am also available to write copy and content for outdoor companies and publications. My areas of focus include the outdoors, sports & recreation, skiing, parenting, health, and personal development.

Below is a sample of the copy I wrote for’s “Built For Backcountry” social campaign. (Click image to expand)


My experience working in TV broadcasting at the 2010 Olympic Games has proven useful a surprising number of times. Interviewing people and crafting their answers into compelling stories is something that never gets old.


Crafting concise yet captivating copy is an art. Through the years I spent writing copy for ZGiRLS, in combination with my formal training in legal writing, I cultivated a unique ability to communicate meaningful messages in the most economic way.


Writing content “with soul” is my specialty. Soulful copy may be rare in a commercial context, but it isn’t impossible. Words are like a puzzle. I love working and reworking them until they communicate not only what needs to be said, but more importantly, what people want to hear.